About Jade


I’m your Pastry Chef and Cake Artist  who bakes delectable desserts and designs one-of-a-kind customized cakes. I can create any designs you like!

I have always wanted to be a Fashion Designer, a Painter and then a TV anchor. But circumstances lead me to a different path toward the Financial world. It took me a lot of time before I could follow what I love doing most. A lot of guts, a lot of struggles and introspection to free myself and embrace the life I have always wanted. I have not regretted being an Accountant, Marketing Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, Assistant Brand Manager and Financial Consultant – These have molded me to the person I am now and prepared me to the person I want to be. These made me more  wiser, more skillful and more knowledgeable. Without my Creative Cakes too, my love for Art would have died down. I just couldn’t explain why but ART and PASTRY for me are so important. It’s not just a hobby. It is a CALLING. It is my PASSION. It is my WORLD.

Aside from being a Cake Artist, I am a Photographer too. I am the one shooting my cakes! I won several photography awards from Bridal Portraits, Travel  and Festival Photography. I shoot Family Portraits and document Pregnancy.

Other than baking cakes and taking pictures, I also love painting! My passion for painting began when I was younger. I painted and sold some of my artworks. Somehow, this passion helped me become more creative on each cake I make.

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