Ubey ur Heart

Feb 15 – So how was my Valentine’s Day?!? I spent the whole day working from 6am to 6pm. KDrama after coz I feel light and happy whenever I’m watching it.

UBE and Obey your heart, haha… I used to always listen to my heart whenever I was into something. Whenever I make decisions on pastries that I’m baking or I’m about to launch, I listen to my heart because happiness and customer satisfaction is the most important. The first customer is me, so it should pass my tastebuds and my level of satisfaction first before anybody else. Giving something halfhearted to my customers is something I can’t do. So I decided to sacrifice margin rather than quality. As a professional Chef, it’s a mortal sin not to give my best in what I do. Not an entrepreneur mindset. So I don’t know if obeying one’s heart is the best thing, haha 🙂


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