Cake Designer World Champion 2017


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Victory is never really that easy to achieve. The story behind was never sweet and exciting. It was full of sacrifices, pain, sleepless nights, pressure, and deep focus. It was never easy. Aside from the competition being very comprehensive, I was going through a lot emotionally and I was struggling to focus. I remember my friends and fellow chefs kept checking on me… “Jade, how’s your competition? How’s your cake going? What have you done today? What are your plans? What are you going to do tomorrow? What happened to you, why you were more focused on Germany Olympics and this is much bigger than that? When are you going to start? At least start something!!!” too many questions and I was on my art of do nothing mode or I simply answered them with a smile saying” I am not in the mood”. I tried to focus but I couldn’t until my bile reflux came back and it was the start of my wake-up call. I tried to focus again and again but still, I couldn’t. I freaked out because why I still couldn’t and the months are getting shorter. I said to myself, I can’t do this alone without asking God and my Dad’s intervention to help me bring back that fire in my heart. I was thinking then if it was okay not to win and joked with my close friends about it. Deep in my heart I know I  don’t want to fight without giving a good fight, even if this is not my very best fight then at least I still fight ’til I bleed. I prayed and they helped me a lot by bringing back that fire in my heart and my focus so sharply.

 Thank You Dear God and Papa for being there, for never leaving me and looking after me when I badly need both of you to keep me intact and focused.


I don’t know how many minutes I was looking at that confetti! Probably the photographers and Chef Andreas were wondering what the hell I was looking up there! lol… I was saying a little prayer thanking God and my Dad! This one is for you Julieboy! Your feisty little girl carved your name again around the globe. I hope you are happy up there.  I miss you!



A day before I left Dubai, I said goodbye to Mr. Andy Cuthbert and he then said “I know you will bring home the gold. Good luck!”  I smiled and simply replied, I can’t promise you but I will do my very best. As I left his office, I felt the weight of responsibility murmuring in my heart. I whispered to myself, have  fun Jade! Just keep your cool and focus and let’s finish this!


 Aside from passion and challenge, this competition was more of a responsibility, a commitment that I need to fulfill. And I nailed it! Mission accomplished!




I wanted to do more details on my display cake but there was no more extra time left. I wanted to practice my live cake decorating more but there was no more time left.  For my live cake for tasting, I practiced it a lot so it was all set. TIME and FOCUS are big factors. FOCUS especially, I failed on it during the first few months but so grateful that I pulled myself through and I still made it! My only option then was STRATEGIC PLANNING. I was really in a badass situation but when you have God and your Dad and your badass friends who will kick your head to wake up then you are good. I know this was not my very best. I could have done way much better but Thank you, Dear Lord, Pa, and dearest friends for the love and strength. Your love made my heart whole and it fed strength to my hands and mind. You guys are freaking awesome!!! This award will never be possible without you all!







“Thank you for having the passion to push, the fire to shine brightly and the determination of a lion”  – Chef Paul Hayward




….a wounded lion still hunts like a hungry lion



My Italian Mafia Squad!:)

The great things also when you are competing are the memories that you spent with your teammates. It was great and fun! The pressure was too high but it simmers down whenever they cracked jokes. Meet my cool and extremely talented brothers:)





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