When I visited France a few years back, I went to several pastry shops by some famous Chefs. It was a great experience! I wanna go back there again and again, repeat that wonderful time. Maybe next time enjoy a conversation with a friend and more coffee, please… Though I was walking alone in exploring the place I can vividly remember how happy I was being there, figuring out each road, getting lost, and finding my way again. To my French Chef friends who guided me online so I won’t get totally lost, thank you for being there. I love France!:)

I bought a lot of pastries to taste and went to one coffee shop to dissect it haha… it was all good! Some I find it too sweet. I’m not a big fan of too much sweetness. I love harmony and balance in flavors. Uggghhhh France I miss you! I miss you very much.

So which one stood out? After going back to Dubai, there was one dessert that kept playing in my head, and that was the French classic – LE FLAN VANILLE!

I love the simplicity of it. So lovely, so elegant, so velvety and so beautiful.

Here is my version of Le Flan Vanille and it’s available here in Cebu, Philippines 🙂


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