Whatttt!?!?! CHEESE ROLLS?!??? Yeah! it’s my freaking favorite! This is my Pandemic Food! hahaha

When I started baking the now famous Ube Cheese de Sal of Cebu, I can finish 1-2 boxes of cheese rolls and that’s around 20 pieces a day!!! hahaha… It was my comfort food and my stress reliever when I was extremely busy baking Ube cheese de sal alone. Unbelievable right?!? I am a sucker for cheese rolls!

Got so curious, and experimented few sets but I wasn’t happy with their quality and set them aside. I just continued developing more products. Finally, after more than a year, I decided to give it a shot using a very special and quite expensive dough. I know it’s not ideal, it’s very painful to sacrifice the margin but I want people here in Cebu and Philippines to really taste and experience my version of cheese rolls. I want them to be happy through food – it’s the EXPERIENCE!

Some of my rich friends/clients would somehow complain – but I feel like it’s a MORTAL SIN to sacrifice quality. I’m happy whenever I’m perfecting products and bringing them to another level. Maybe a LEGACY – people will remember me through their palates. They will develop that kind of standard after experiencing our bread and pastries. This is for me the greatest achievement whenever I’m baking it by heart.

I love our Creamy Cheese rolls but I’m in love with our Ube Cheese rolls! TRY IT!


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