Ugghhhh… This Ube Ensaymada in insanely delicious!!! It’s like a music to my stress! haha I am very proud of this one too. It took me several weeks to perfect it! Its a very soft bun like a marshmallow that will melt in your mouth! It is another perfect pair for my coffee and of course, yours too!

The best part is, this is not too sweet! I didn’t make it same as the traditional where it is loaded with so much butter and sugar. This one is loaded with cheese! 🙂 If you don’t like cheese then you can take it away! If you want to put sugar, then you can sprinkle it with the amount of sugar that you like!:)

I overheard one of my staff as he told my baker during our R&D, “ensaymada again?” haha… that was how tedius, simple yet I want it to be extra special. Sooo here is my another ube baby – The Ube Ensaymada of Cebu!

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