It’s a late post here.. but wanted to share this in my site as this will serve one of the many special memories I had over the past months.

The Game Changer videos are finally up and I am glad to be selected as one out of 3 personalities in Dubai.  Truly grateful to Emirates for selecting me and to Nomad Production team, to the brilliant man – Joseph,  to Mr. Andy,  to Jumeirah Group and to Jumeirah marketing team for making this all possible.

The shoot was long and happened to be in a very tight month. It was 2 consecutive days, waking early morning and preparing things at a very short time because I was bombarded with heavy workload day by day since September last year. It was non stop work but I’m not complaining. We are lucky enough we still have jobs, we are working on things we love doing and we are making people happy through serving them. Chefs Job equates the word in capitalized form SACRIFICE.







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