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Never expected to be one of the 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL FILIPINOS IN GULF.🇦🇪🇵🇭

The road to greatness is never an easy road. It’s filled with thorns and broken glasses… only those who are willing to step on it, get cut and burn will find it.

Thank you Illustrado Magazine for recognizing my contribution to the Filipino community and to the rest of the world.💙🌍🙏 Thank you Lalaine Chu-BenitezAlwee Lorenzo Enopia VillarosaRony C. AquinoMon So Hiong BenitezPaolo Gabriel Benitez💙50870264_2023312507969298_5391712823103455232_n


Below are some shots where I met some of the 100MIFG.

Michael Cinco – one of my fave Filipino designers

Izhcka Zeta – I was so amazed by his creativity in his latest France fashion show

Harvey Cenit – my neighbor back home, schoolmate and is a famous wedding dress designer.

So happy to finally met him after 6 yrs that we are here in Dubai.




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