26683_404845410795_8178967_n-167606_439459805795_1649117_n 74106_450557845795_2711294_n 71699_448447515795_6085677_n 67614_446408800795_2732747_n 67614_446408795795_573321_n 67606_439459810795_8263561_n 26683_404845405795_4423899_n 179677_490105085795_8137730_n_DSC0116jadeV2wp _DSC0136JADEDRESSenhancedwp _DSC0515jadewp1ST PRIZE - FPPF BEST IN BRIDAL PORTRAITUREwp 1ST PRIZE - FPPF TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY1wp _DSC6015-1wp 1ST PRIZE - MASSKARA 2009wp 1ST PRIZE DANCESPORT ELEGANCE AND GRACE CATERGORY 3RD PRIZE - MASSKARA 2009320157_10150327777230796_926406409_n 304249_10150328434440796_1780576793_n 308965_10150328796335796_2042977660_n-1 377749_10150340257970796_920184470_n-1 376141_10150340184600796_2068411086_n-2 294083_10150327775525796_1344866517_nDSC_4302eddennis DSC_4988ed2FINALswd DSC_5136edfinalswd DSC_5143ed2swd3KHARU TEXTURE_FINALBLUR_DSC0026edJADE2

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